What To Pay Attention To When The Fluorine Rubber Board Is Stored

  What to pay attention to when the fluorine rubber board is stored

  The main ingredient of fluorine rubber board is rubber material, is produced under great pressure, at the beginning of the time is also very unstable, easy to expand and shrink, in the use of the time to undergo a short period of time to normal use, otherwise it is easy to create a case of improper size. The fluorine rubber board should pay attention to the following points when storing.

  First, fluorine rubber plate storage warehouse must choose in the well-ventilated and relatively dry place.

  Second, the location of the rubber board must be far away from the heat and chemicals.

  Third, the storage location to the ground and the wall body above 20.

  IV. Avoid direct sunlight on insulating rubber sheets.

  The other is the fluorine rubber board of different types, a variety of fluorine rubber plate not to be stored together, due to the different types of sulfide, the temperature range of the molding curing, there is a considerable gap, and even because of climate change, indoor temperature and humidity, so as to change some of its components, in order to avoid the finished product fluorine rubber board quality caused unnecessary impact.