What Are The Advantages Of PTFE Sheet Materials?

High temperature resistance - using operating temperature of 250 degrees.

Low temperature resistance - good mechanical toughness. Even if the temperature drops to -196 degrees, 5% elongation can be maintained.

Corrosion resistance - for most chemicals and solvents, exhibits inertia, resistance to strong acids, alkalis, water, and various organic solvents.

Weather resistance - the best aging life in plastic.

High lubrication - the lowest friction coefficient in solid materials.

Non adhesion - the smallest surface tension in solid materials, does not adhere to any material, mechanical properties, and its coefficient of friction is extremely small, only 1/5 of polyethylene, which is an important feature of perfluorocarbon surface. Because of the extremely low intermolecular force between fluorine and carbon chains, PTFE has no stickiness.

No toxicity - it has physiological inertia. As an artificial vessel and organ, it is implanted into the body for a long time without any adverse reaction.

The dielectric properties and dielectric loss of PTFE in a wide frequency range are very low, and the breakdown voltage, volume resistivity and arc resistance are higher.


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