Use Of FEP

FEP granular materials, dispersion liquid and paint three. Among them, the FEP particles according to their different melt index, can be used for molding, extrusion and injection molding; dispersions for impregnated sintered; paint for spraying.

The application of FEP and PTFE are the same used in electrical, radio, electronics, chemical industry, machinery manufacturing, refrigeration, medical and other industrial sectors.

Because the FEP resin not only has good machining properties of thermoplastic plastics, but it has characteristics similar to gather four fluorine ethylene propylene, so to some extent, it is possible to make up for some of the Teflon FEP resin ethylene propylene process where time is insufficient. So if gather four fluorine ethylene propylene FEP resin instead of the material to be used, FEP resin can be used to install submersible motor winding wire, wire, insulating layer of oil pump cable to use. And FEP resin for wire and cable production can be widely applied in the environment of high temperature and high frequency use, it can be used for aerospace, electronic equipment and wire transmission lines and connectors for use within the computer.