The Relationship Between Extrusion Quality Of FEP Tube And Extrusion Die And Base Temperature

  The relationship between extrusion quality of FEP tube and extrusion die and base temperature

  Understand the people know that most of the FEP tube are used to process extrusion molding process, and in this process, the role of the mold is also essential. FEP tube extrusion die specific material and size, depending on the type of conductor, insulation type, insulation thickness, insulation and foam and many other factors.

  From the die draw ratio, the physical foam FEP tube die ratio of 1.05-1.10; and FEP tube die ratio of 5-8, the gap is still very large. So repeatedly remind the majority of users, must be based on the effect of extrusion to adjust the mold design, if the insulation diameter is too large, you can reduce the mold size, if the insulation diameter is too small, you can increase the mold size.

  In addition to the mold, the FEP tube extrusion molding quality and extrusion temperature also has a great relationship, taking into account the process of extrusion in the FEP tube under the action of the shear force prone to melt fracture, but with the increase in temperature can Lower, so it is required to maximize the temperature setting of the extruder.

  Although the FEP tube molding quality and temperature have a great relationship, but if the extrusion temperature is too high is not possible, it will lead to FEP tube melt strength decreased, or even local decomposition, resulting in FEP tube insulation deformation , Not even the whole spinning and other problems. FEP tube extrusion process, the temperature set to combine the mold, material, screw speed and other comprehensive factors to adjust, do not arbitrarily set.