Properties Of PTFE

PTFE, commonly known as King of plastics, its name was Teflon, is a polymer of tetrafluoroethylene, to white or grayish-white material. It is prepared by polymerization of hydrofluoric acid and chloroform at high pressure PTFE (powder), 370 ℃, will get the tetrafluoroethylene mould powders, sintered to produce a tough, non-thermoplastic and non-porous resin. PTFE PTFE is mostly Crystal, but there is no melting point. Its plasticity decreases as the temperature increases, and rapid deterioration of mechanical properties. And more than 327 c, into non-mobility amorphous jelly. At more than 400 ℃, PTFE PTFE decomposes, releasing poisonous gas volatile fluorides. Its performance is also very good at low temperature, temperature below-80 ° c can still maintain its toughness.