PEEK Injection Molding Process

First PEEK injection molding technology:

1, equipment

PEEK are available usually screw or piston type injection molding machine molding, injection molding machine should meet the following basic conditions: barrel temperature up to 400 degrees Celsius; barrel should be no formation of molten material in a corner of the place because melting viscosity does not automatically flow nozzles need to be stop-valves (shut off valve).

2 mold temperature

Since the PEEK is a crystalline resin, therefore making it the full Crystal can improve their performance. When the die temperature of 160 ° c, you can fully crystallized, even without heat treatment can be a very good products, mold temperature because of mold structures limit cannot be increased, at 200 ° c heat treatment of more than an hour, can also crystallize completely, so that the character, such as mechanical strength and resistance.

3, prepare dry

PEEK has a low water absorption, water absorption saturated only 0.5%, but at high temperatures, so processing is necessary before more than 150 ℃ for 3 hours.