Heat Shrink FEP Pipes/Tubing

Basic Info

Model NO. JH009Material:FEP
Kind:Thermoplastics PipesTensile Strength:14 MPa(Min)

FEP is also named as F46, and it is manufactured by ram extruding method with FEP resin adding additive(or without additive). It has realiable properties of high and low temperature resistance, anti corrosive, electric insulation and non-stick.
Technical data sheet

electricity gasbe current

Tensile StrengthMpa≥14≥14
Dielectric constant(Thickness)MV/m

          0.4mm           25 /
≥0.5mm24 /

Typical Application
The FEP tubing can be long term used under temperature range from -180°C~+200°C.
In various electric cable, electric wire, protecting cover, electric elements and ray tube
Used in bad working condition, such as inner liner pipes for corrosive fluids and gas, heat exchange machine tube and fluids meter tube

Product Description