General Situation Of Fluorine Rubber

  Over the past more than 30 years, fluorine rubber has maintained a large growth momentum. In the late 60, the growth rate of $number increased by 10% in the 70, and the growth rate of $number was still maintained since the 80 's. Fluorine rubber is used extensively in the production of sealing products. According to reports, 50% of the United States of fluorine rubber used in sealing products, Japan's application ratio of 80%. Fluorine rubber has been widely used in automobile, mechanical metallurgy, petrochemical, railway, aviation, aerospace, electronics and other departments, becoming an indispensable high-temperature, corrosion-resistant rubber material. So far, the world's annual production of fluorine rubber about 15,000 tons. At present, the world's largest production is still 26 type of fluorine rubber, accounted for 90% of the total fluorine fluoride

  In the 60 's, we have successfully developed the fluorine rubber (Type 23, type 26, 246 type, TP 12), which is mainly polyolefin, and also successfully synthesized the end of the methylene-nitrite. 1980, the development of all fluorine ether rubber and fluoride-eye rubber, such as phosphorus. These fluorine rubber varieties are first to aerospace, aviation and other defense-cutting technology, military supporting needs, and gradually spread to the civil industrial sector, the need for the national Defense and national economic development and growing. At present, production capacity and actual needs are very inconsistent, few manufacturers, not only a low yield and a single variety, can not meet the needs of a variety of uses. Therefore, the country needs to spend a large amount of foreign exchange imports to meet domestic demand, many areas are directly imported fluorine rubber products.


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