Fluorine Rubber Seal As A High Elastic Composite Polymer Materials

  Fluorine rubber seal as a high elastic composite polymer materials, excellent performance. Most have natural rubber and synthetic rubber. Natural rubber is mostly from the rubber tree, rubber grass and other plants in the extraction of the gum, and then refined by processing; synthetic rubber with a variety of monomers generated by the polymerization reaction. Rubber products in the industrial or life and many other aspects have a wide range of significance. Fluorine rubber seals are a basic unit for sealing devices that play a very important role in the opposite relationship between leaks and seals. So that product leakage has been a very good solution.

  Fluorine rubber seal its high temperature performance and silicone rubber, it can be said that the best in the current elastomer. 26-41 fluoro glue can be used at 250 ℃ for a long time, short-term use at 300 ℃; 246 fluoride glue heat better than 26-41. The physical properties of 26-41 after heat aging at 300 ° C for 100 hours are equivalent to those of 246 type after hot air aging at 300 ° C × 100 hours, and the elongation at break is maintained at about 100% and the hardness is 90 to 95 ° The 246 was maintained in good elasticity after aging at 350 ° C for 16 hours, maintained well after 110 minutes of hot air aging at 400 ° C, and after 110 minutes of hot air aging at 400 ° C, it contained sprayed carbon black, hot cracking carbon black or carbon fiber Of the elongation of the rubber increased by about 1/2 to 1/3, the intensity decreased by about 1/2, still maintain good flexibility. 23-11 type fluorine glue can be used at 200 ℃ for a long time, 250 ℃ short-term use.