Fluorine Rubber Contains Fluorine Atoms

  Fluorine rubber contains fluorine atoms, fluorine atoms and carbon atoms composed of CF bond performance is high, while fluorine atoms have a great adsorption effect, depends on this special molecular structure, making the fluorine rubber has excellent heat resistance, Pharmaceutical properties, solvent resistance, resistance to fluoride, resistance to vacuum, oil resistance, anti-aging and other properties. Fluorine rubber was first used in the aerospace field, but the most widely used is in the automotive sector, accounting for 60% to 70% of the total application. Therefore, from the practical point of view, it is very important to ensure that the appropriate fluorine rubber is selected.

  Fluorine rubber because of its excellent performance, has been more and more widely used, a good solution to the harsh conditions of the sealing problem. With the people on the fluorine rubber manufacturing process of continuous improvement and application of in-depth study, the future, this comprehensive performance of the best sealing material is bound to be more applications in the field.

  From the fluorine rubber production process, its formula generally includes raw rubber, curing agent (crosslinking agent), catalyst, reinforcing agent and additives and other aspects. Under the conditions of satisfying the required degree of crosslinking, the vulcanizing agent should be used as little as possible. Although the increase of the reinforcing agent is beneficial to the improvement of the mechanical strength and the electrical properties, the dosage should not be too much, otherwise it will have a great influence on the heat resistance.


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