FEP Tube/FEP Heat Shrinking Tubes

Basic Info

Model NO.:FB-016Material:FEP
Kind:Thermosetting Plastics PipeTrademark:Forbest

1.                                Heat shrink FEP tubing requires approximately 420°F +/- 50°F (215°C +/- 10°C). This is a liberal and safe range. Please keep in mind that these temperatures are approximate. Actual shrink temperatures will vary based on the dimensions and wall thickness of the tubing, application techniques, and other factors. forbest is happy to provide samples to test in your application to determine the best material to use.
2.                                The mandrel (part) to be covered by heat shrink FEP must be able to withstand this range of temperature.
3.                                Forbest recommends preheating larger diameter mandrels. 
1.                                Heat shrink FEP needs only a small degree of recovery. You may experience some slight longitudinal change depending on the amount of recovery. Contact Forbest if longitudinal change is a concern.
2.                                Even heating of all sides and even cooling of all sides provides the best results. Uneven heating or cooling tends to split the side still in the "gel" state while the other side is in the hard or crystalline state - especially upon recovery. 
NOTE: Shrink starts when the FEP is brought up to the "gel" state but completes its recovery during the cooling cycle.
In its gel state the tubing becomes crystal clear and glassy in appearance.
3.                                Ovens are the most reliable way to recover heat shrink products due to their ability to ensure even heating and reduce the risk of over heating the material (which can lead to brittleness and cracking).If a heat gun will be used, please contact Forbest for tips on proper application of heat to achieve the most uniform recovery.

Product Description