FEP Corrosion Resistance Performance Table

Fluoroplastics (polytetrafluoroethylene-PTFE, poly perfluoro-ethylene propylene-FEP) commonly known as "plastic king", by the United States DUPONT CO., LTD first developed in 1938, 1949 industrial production, from the industrial point of view has been Has 50 years of history.


Fluoroplastic Lining The corrosion-resistant valve is made by placing the polyfluoroethylene propylene resin FEP or the profile of the inner wall or the inner and outer surfaces of the inner or outer wall of the pipe or fittings of steel or iron by molding or mosaic In the strong anti-corrosive media in the unique performance made of various types of pumps, valves, pipes and other products.


In addition, the fluorine plastic in addition to excellent chemical stability, the anti-fouling, anti-sticking is good, dynamic and static friction coefficient is very small and similar to the anti-friction and lubrication performance is good, as the valve Kai, Reduce the sealing surface friction, reduce the valve operating torque, improve product life, its use can also be extended to the food, pharmaceutical industry. PTFE, FEP , PVDF , but also extended to the polyolefin PE, PP and PVC range, to meet the needs of a variety of different conditions parameters.


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