Beijing University Of Chemical Technology Developed FEP Masterbatch To Achieve Industrialization

FEP is a copolymer of tetrafluoroethylene with six fluorine propylene, has excellent heat resistance, chemical resistance and electrical properties, outstanding surface viscosity and good mechanical strength, especially for protection in electrical and electronic equipment of screw cable has a unique advantage. With the development of modern electronic information technology, the domestic color cable demand increase rapidly, the average annual growth rate of 20%, a huge market potential. The use of color FEP cables in electronic products can not only beautify the products, but also play an important role in marking. It can greatly facilitate the manufacture and use of wires and cables, and can improve the installation and debugging level.

For wire and cable manufacturing FEP masterbatch on the electrical performance requirements are very strict. At the same time as the processing temperature of FEP up to 380 advisable, which requires FEP Color Masterbatch should not only bright colors, easy to distinguish, but also high temperature resistance, insulation, antistatic. The research team in pigment and dispersant selection has done a lot of work, and to capture a number of technical problems in processing, successfully developed the first FEP masterbatch, product performance indicators are in line with the requirements of the manufacture of wire and cable. 


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