PTFE rods, Teflon products technology

Teflon spiral pipe

Teflon spiral shielded cables and cables for use as aircraft engines, from the effects of high-temperature grease. Also can be used to connect lower mechanical strength of ceramics, graphite, glass, pipe; used as a feedstock and tank wagons and tank discharge tube used the wrong pipe, connected in the line it can balance the size change due to thermal expansion and contraction; also available as a flexible wire casing.

Fluorine plastic heat shrink tube

Main features: with heat shrink, forming close to the protective properties.

Main applications: widely used in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, and printing sector as a reliable insulation material and adhesive materials.

Main features: inner PTFE liner tube with excellent corrosion resistance and good rigidity, and resistant to shock, vibration and distortion, it has been widely used in petroleum, chemical, transport corrosive liquids and gases.

PTFE sheet

Main varieties: turning plate, molded boards (bridge dedicated sliders).

Main features: molded plate suspension PTFE resin molding, with good corrosion resistance, ageing resistance, low coefficient of friction, using a wide range of.

Main use: to manufacture gaskets, seals, liner separator, scraper, guides, and all kinds of Electric insulating parts, bearings for frequency of use the slider.

Main varieties: at present, can produce a variety of generic bars (molded push rods, sticks, and so on).

Main features: excellent corrosion resistance and dielectric properties, anti-aging, long used in a 180~250℃ environment, low coefficient of ground Sassafras.

Main use: Electric insulating parts for various frequencies of use. Sealing gasket in various corrosive mediums, anti-sticking materials, lubrication materials.

Main varieties: turning film, orientation film, semi-directed film, color half-directed film, color film of red, yellow, green and other colors.

Main features: polytetrafluoroethylene film with tensile strength, insulation, non-stick and other excellent features.

Main application: capacitor insulation material, special cable insulation, electrical insulation, not tape, sealing tape, can also be used for the motor, transformer insulation.